Cecilio Gallego Building

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Central Court

With Electricity, 25 Euro/Hour


Description of the installation:


Historic building of Torrevieja that marked the start of the project of the current Torrevieja Sports City. Recently remodelled, it includes basic training activities and local as well as external sports teams on a daily basis. These facilities are comprised of a multipurpose court available for the training of elite sportspeople, thanks to its floating sports platform, designed and installed specifically to avoid injuries to athletes. The Cecilio Gallego Building is home to a great number of sports modalities, from group sports to individual modalities, Basketball, Handball, Indoor Soccer, Aerobics, group activities of Fitness, Volleyball, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Hockey, Judo, etc.

These facilities are perfectly enabled for holding competitions on any category and level. It has changing rooms with capacity for team rotation and capacity for holding sports adapted to competition and training. All the facilities are enabled and accessible for handicapped people.








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