The experience gained by the Department of Sports City of Torrevieja after more than three decades working for the sport, makes perfectly know methodologies and needs of sports groups and knows that the concentration for optimal results also involves fun


Torrevieja offers the possibility of enjoying and living experiences playing Golf. We propose a Golf introductory course, an activity that will allow sportspeople not only to enjoy a different sports activity, but acquire new skills, new techniques, concentration techniques and experience achievement and share experiences in an open-air environment and enjoying the good weather. An extra motivation to obtain better results. If on the contrary the sportspeople are already skilled and experienced in this sport, Torrevieja and its surroundings offers the possibility of enjoying many courses of different levels to enjoy the practice of Golf.


A unique and different experience that leaves an impression. Torrevieja Sports City, proposes inserting in the training sessions new ways of understanding sport, techniques, skills and experiences. The world of sailing, a sport which provides new experiences to expand the capacities of any sportsperson. The town of Torrevieja has three yacht marinas with their corresponding schools and a range of boats suitable to enjoy this experience with the maximum guarantees and assuring an unforgettable experience and learning. Courses available for light weight crafts, sailboat cruising and yacht races.


A Driving introductory course or a diving excursion to see Torrevieja’s seabed experiencing indescribable sensations, this is undoubtedly a proposal that leaves nobody indifferent. It is not only the experience of participating in a new activity which enables developing new skills, sensations and experiences to whom takes part in such (team working, the sea, new horizons, a new world). To live this type of experience with the maximum guarantees is an incentive for sportspeople’s objectives to become a reality.


New skills, concentration and different techniques which undoubtedly make this experience unforgettable. Torrevieja offers the possibility of attending fishing courses at any level. A sea trip, an excursion and living a new adventure with experienced skippers, safe and equipped crafts which provide the opportunity of living a unique experience they will never forget. Courses and excursions for different levels, according to needs.


The sea, the wind, speed and nature on the body, a blend of senses which make this a pleasant and unique experience. Learning this nautical sport is fascinating, the mixture of these factors leads to the development of new skills and to expand the horizons of those who experience it both at a personal and sports level. It is undoubtedly the experience of a lifetime. Courses adapted to all levels, suitable equipment and the maximum guarantees for the satisfaction of living this experience.


Torrevieja’s weather conditions and its coastline offer the unique opportunity of experiencing a daring sport which enables developing skills that strengthens the technique and makes the participants overcome their challenges. The mixture of wind, sea and speed, learning how to handle the Kite and controlling the board imply; developing concentration and experiencing situations which strengthen the skills of the most daring sportspeople. Availability of certified schools, top-quality material and courses for groups or individuals which enables living this unique and unforgettable experience with the maximum safety measures.

Paddle Sup

The beaches of Torrevieja offer the opportunity of practicing this easy sport. Easy to play, safe and fun. It allows strengthening skills, balance, self-improvement and living very attractive experiences in the sea. Individual or group introductory courses are available at Torrevieja which will make this experience remain recorded in the memory of those who practice it.

Kayak y Canoa

Experience Kayaking or Canoeing, strengthen skills with a sports activity at sea. An unforgettable experience which allows individual self-improvement as well as developing new skills and when practiced in group it strengthens collaboration and team building among sportspeople. Individual or group introductory courses are available at Torrevieja that will allow remembering this experience for many years.


Torrevieja offers seabeds full of Posidonia meadows, an ecosystem with multiple spices which find in them their home. An additional activity for groups which allows living unique experiences that will develop new capacities and techniques for sportspeople both individually and collectively. Six snorkelling routs are proposed from north to south of the town’s coastline. Have a look and decide which mysterious seabed to discover by the hand of professionals to enjoy this activity with the maximum guarantees.

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Feeling like a flying fish, this is the experience that you could feel in this amazing and innovative activity. We talk about a device that after some practical minutes you could move throught the water like a Dolphyn and challenge the gravity like a Superheroe
A new and revolutionary sport that will get anknowed instincts from sportswoman and sportsmen that have this amazing experience. Very easy, funny and whitout any doubt a sure bet.

Mountain Bike Routes

A leisure experience or a complementary sports activity. Torrevieja’s coastline and its natural parks allow organising mounting bike routes and enjoying new landscapes and unique environments. Bike training sessions or trips for groups or individual sportspeople are available at Torrevieja. The Sports Council will advise you on how to organise routes and to enjoy this activity with the maximum guarantees and suitable equipment.
Mountain Bike amateur or professional training is also possible at Torrevieja and its surrounding area. Mid and high range equipment available to train on new routes and develop new experiences and sport techniques in fully adapted and competitive environments. Availability of a Bike-Park in the region for an extraordinary experience and a very high training level.

Cycling Routes

Training sessions at any level, road cycling amateur or professional with are an attraction in Torrevieja and province. Torrevieja’s weather conditions and the orographical characteristics of its surrounding areas offer the possibility of performing highly competitive training sessions, with different levels of difficulty and height of the circuits. Medium and high range equipment available for rental; programmable routes and even assistance by the Torrevieja Cycling Club to organise a high-level and competitive training trip to help improve the sport performance of cyclists.

Trekking and Climbing

To enjoy or train surrounded by nature. Used to complement any level of training sessions, as self-improvement test for teams or individuals, or just as a recreational or relaxation activity. Torrevieja with its natural parks, its coastline and surrounding area make it an ideal place to enjoy this activity in the open air. The surrounding area of Torrevieja offers the possibility of enjoying this activity including different routes with different levels of difficulty.
Guides and routes available to practice these activities with the maximum guarantees and safety measures.

Horse riding

A horse ride through the natural park of La Laguna de la Mata, as well as horse riding introductory or training courses are available at Torrevieja. Different options available to enjoy horse riding. A horse ride route through the natural environment of the town’s natural parks or to participate in horse riding an introductory or advanced course with horses trained for this attractive activity. Torrevieja has Horse Riding Centres with the maximum guarantees to enjoy this experience. An extra incentive to prepare sport competitions or just an unforgettable experience.

Paintball or multiadventure

True strategy, self-improvement and adventure experience. Ideal to develop team strategies, group coordination and self-improvement. Several Paintball and multiadventure centres offer a unique experience. Enjoying this experience with the maximum safety measures makes this activity a perfect complement for many self-improvement sports.


Speed, coordination of reflexes, overcoming pressure and technique. An adventure which combines speed and driving, to enjoy and as a method for self-improvement make this activity an experience which is thoroughly enjoyed. Adrenalin plays a very important role in this adventure and does not leave anyone indifferent. Centres available at Torrevieja that offer the maximum safety to carry out this activity as a complement to sport training sessions.

Sauna, Spa and Jacuzzi

The combination of training sessions with pleasure at the Spa Centre is the ideal complement for sportspeople to obtain the best results. Spa Centres available at Torrevieja to enjoy all the possibilities of relaxing in a unique environment. Sport or therapeutic massages, Jacuzzis for treatment or relax, Saunas, etc., an entire Spa world to discover and enjoy in an ideal environment which will undoubtedly be a unique experience.