Torrevieja completes the extraordinary facilities of its sports city with a diverse and very interesting tourist offering for all sports groups since it allows you to experience and truly enjoy unforgettable experiences while doing your workouts and physical and technical preparations in the best sports facilities.

There is an extremely diversified hotel offering so the ideal place can be chosen among the various options of where to relax and enjoy your free time. There is an unquestionably extensive cuisine on offer allowing you to choose the appropriate restaurant to savour the city and its culinary habits. You can visit any of the various museums and cultural centres in the city or enjoy one of the various tourist routes in Torrevieja and the surrounding area. It will be possible almost every month of the year to spend an unforgettable day in any of the city’s beaches, which are certainly very attractive and it is traditional to perform a myriad of water activities or simply visit Torrevieja sports marinas among carrying out other activities and as a climax to your daily work, you can enjoy the many nightlife options offered by the City. Along with its sports city, this certainly makes Torrevieja the ideal location for preparing for any event as well as the perfect place to carry out any sports preparation or training where athletes regardless of age, gender and class will enjoy and achieve an optimal state of fitness to get the most out of this experience. The Sports Tourism Department of the Department of Sports is responsible for advising you and helping you organise a trip to suit according to your taste.

Hotel offering

Torrevieja has an extremely diversified hotel offering. 4- and 5-star hotels are available, enabling the ideal place to be chosen for athletes to feel at home. Quality, service, comfort and food are basic for any group to find your ideal location and the perfect hotel for your needs and certainly the ability of Torrevieja hotels to accommodate this type of group and athlete allow a service to be offered that is adapted to any sports group. There is availability to accommodate groups from school age to elite athletes and any type of sporting event.

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Cuisine on offer

Torrevieja’s cuisine is characterised by its quality; this is very much reflected in its dishes and its hospitality industry, which is of exceptional quality and provides an outstanding service. Moreover, Mediterranean cuisine is very diverse and based on products from both the sea as well as its nearby orchard. It has a balanced and tasty cuisine, which perfectly blends meat and fish with vegetables through different recipes. This is definitely a special appeal to motivate the most demanding athletes. We will tell you about the city’s cuisine and help you choose the place that best suits your wants and needs

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Torrevieja has a wide variety of shopping options. All types of shops can be found in the city centre, with a fundamental difference from the rest: proximity, service and quality of its offer, with it being possible to enjoy this in a very relaxed way by walking through the pedestrian zones of Torrevieja. In addition, the Habaneras Mall and the Ozone Leisure Centre are only about 300 meters from the Torrevieja sports city; these are two shopping centres so you can choose the best alternative. Another attractive shopping activity is going to the weekly markets in Torrevieja, where fresh produce from the orchard and modern fashion are traditional elements of this shopping experience.

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Tourist routes

This is an activity that involves enjoying and getting to know the most attractive parts of the City. This is a different way of getting to know unique places, nature, coastline, protected areas and the different ways to tour them make it possible to carry out a unique activity to learn more about the city and the many activities available in the area. The city has three clear and distinct alternatives, The Nature Route, The Maritime Route and The Salt Route


The natural conditions together with Torrevieja‘s tourist outlook means there are plenty of options to enjoy the sea and the beach for many months of the year. Large sandy beaches and natural pools are part of the offering to enjoy nature and the sun in Torrevieja. Located along the city’s coastline, there are plenty of options to enjoy a day at the beach after a workout or an unforgettable day of relaxation and leisure. Sport on the beach is also possible as Torrevieja has 7 beach volleyball courts and 2 beach soccer pitches; this means any sports group can train or take part in a different activity while enjoying nature and the climate.

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Torrevieja guarantees peace of mind and safety for sports teams of all ages. The city has two hospitals that are fully equipped for any operation or medical emergency. Hospital San Jaime is located just 300 meters from the sports city and has a specific sports unit, where physicians specialising in sports medicine are on hand.

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Museums and Cultural Centres

A visit to the various museums in Torrevieja makes it possible to learn more about the city’s culture and history. You can find various options that show various activities, traditional museums, exhibitions, floating museums, etc. An incentive so sports groups complete their leisure time with different activities enabling different experiences to be had and being in a state of relaxation.

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Complementary tourist activities

Water Park

During the summer and only 200 meters from the sports city, Torrevieja has a water park allowing sports groups to enjoy an extraordinary day out, have an experience as part of a group and enjoy unique sensations. The Torrevieja water park has well-maintained facilities that are renovated annually, so they offer full safety for the enjoyment of people of all ages.

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Torrevieja currently has more than 120 nationalities registered in the city; this has resulted in the city becoming a benchmark over the years that is clearly aimed at providing services focused on multiculturalism. Therefore Torrevieja’s festivities are an attraction bringing together local, national and international festivities with some of them declared to be of tourist interest. There is a horde of activities to enjoy as a group or individually. A very enriching alternative is to participate in any of the festivities and enjoy yourself just like anyone else; this is a unique experience that athletes are sure to always remember. Whatever the month chosen to spend a few days in Torrevieja, you will have the option to enjoy one of the large number of festivals that take place in the city.

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Nightlife and Live Music

Torrevieja and its various leisure centres offer various options to enjoy the city at night. Whatever the chosen month for the stay, campus or sports training, we always provide a special place to have a drink with colleagues, dance or listen to live music. The Department of Sports’ experience with sports tourism that has visited the sports city over the years means we are aware of the preferences and needs of managers, coaches, delegates and officials, who after a hard day’s work of training and leading teams deserve time to relax and for personal enjoyment during the remaining days.

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Maritime routes

After a day of training or as an additional leisure activity, Torrevieja offers a unique experience: the option to spend an unforgettable day as a group walking along the coastline of Torrevieja. This offering consists of several boats that boast a wide range of services, morning walk, evening tour, lunch or dinner in the boat, trip to Tabarca as well as any special celebration service that is requested. A group of modern boats and a team of highly-experienced skippers will make this experience unique for your sports group and they can enjoy it with the full guarantee of safety and success.

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Flamenco Show

Among the tourist attractions in the city, there is the opportunity to enjoy a tourist experience rooted in Spanish culture. After a day of training or sports preparation, taking your athletes to enjoy a Dinner with a Flamenco Show is a unique activity that can be enjoyed with a quality service. This is an attractive activity that offers the option of being adapted to each sports group. Other group experiences offered in Torrevieja are: a Flamenco course or a day of Karaoke; experiencing these types of unique group activities makes athletes experiment and grow personally and they take part in fun situations that contribute to team building.

Oenology routes

Wineries that certainly offer a unique experience. Aimed at those passionate about food and wine and who want to take part in this unique experience of visiting the wineries in the province of Alicante to enjoy tasting wines that are made on the premises and then take a walk through the vineyards and wineries to find out more about the culture that surrounds preparing different types of wine. Do not miss this opportunity to take part in this unique excursion; we will help you organise your day of relaxation and pleasure.

Shows attractions and amusement

A few kilometres from Torrevieja in the province of Alicante there are various theme and amusement parks that can be enjoyed by sports groups.
Within the opportunities to cover a stay full of unique experiences after workouts, the Department of Sports through its Sports Tourism department offers to help organise a visit to the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, bullfighting events, diverse shows, or any other place of interest in the surrounding area.
Any suggestions will be treated with the utmost speed and we will help you organise your fully-customised and perfectly-coordinated days.