Soccer fields

Prices and Schedule


7-a-side Soccer Field

25 Euros/hour without electricity.
30 Euros/hour with electricity.

11-a-side Soccer Field

50 Euros/hour without electricity.
60 Euros/hour with electricity

For other uses request for quote according to needs.



From 8am to 11pm Monday through Friday (Summer until 10pm)
From 8am to 9pm Saturday
From 8am to 2pm Sunday


Description of the installation:


The Soccer facilities of Torrevieja Sports City offers spaciousness, large capacity, diversity and quality. Spaciousness, as it provides a total of 5 facilities to practice this sport. Capacity, as the Torrevieja sport facilities can hold several competitions at the same time, with team rotation and capable of holding different Tournaments as well as 7-a-side, 11-a-side soccer training sessions, etc.
Quality, as Torrevieja sport facilities have been built according to the most demanding sport quality standards. The specific sport materials used in the construction of the facilities, make it ideal to be used by sportspeople and the specific artificial Turf, its accessibility and capacity make it ideal for training and competition.
Torrevieja Sports City has 4 specific artificial turf soccer pitches. Four multipurpose 11-a-side soccer pitches or six 7-a-side soccer pitches equipped for team rotation and for championships and training sessions.
These artificial turf soccer pitches are named: Esteban Rosado, Gabriel Samper and Joaquin García “Nito”..
The Torrevieja Sports City has another two soccer pitches, one with artificial turf named Nelson Mandela Stadium and the Municipal Soccer Stadium Vicente García, with natural turf.
All the facilities have changing rooms with capacity for team rotation and to hold adapted sports in competitions and training. All the facilities are adapted and are accessible for disabled people.








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