Nelson Mandela Stadium

Prices and rates


Full Pitch

50 Euros/hour without electricity
60 Euros/hour with electricity

For other uses request for quote according to needs.


Description of the installation:


The Nelson Mandela Multidisciplinary pitch is located in the Racket area and has the elements necessary to be used as an 11-a-side Soccer pitch, 7-a-side Soccer pitch and Rugby ground, offering a wider pitch and a total 3,000 m2 playing field.
It has specific artificial turf for athletes, which allows training to be a professional level sporting experience. Its facilities are complete with a changing room area, toilets, nursing, warehouses and other facilities under the stands. It therefore has prepared dressing rooms and sufficient capacity for the rotation of teams in large events or daily training. Its seating capacity is 2,000 spectators and it has accessibility for the disabled in the entire sports arena.







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