Prices and rates


Price per hour.

Rent of complete lane = 20 Euro Price per hour.

Price per hour.

General Entrance = 3 Euros.
Special Entrance = 2 Euros.
General Bono 20 Baths = 40 Euros.
Special Bonus 20 Baths = 20 Euros.







The Torrevieja Sports City has a covered Olympic pool 50 meters long, with 8 lanes and anti-wave buoys, prepared for the most demanding competitions. All kinds of training and competitions can be carried out in this pool, from basic swim teams to the most elite sports teams. The indoor swimming pool and the facilities available at the Sports City (gymnasium, athletic track, etc.), provide sports groups with a privileged and ideal environment for training and preparing for competitions. In addition, the sports city also has 2 outdoor pools, one 25 meters long for swimming practice and another for teaching basic swimming skills as well as complementary water activities, such as Aquagym, rehabilitation, swimming courses, etc. Likewise, Torrevieja is an ideal place for practising and training in open water swimming, given the mildness of the climate and natural environment, as well as the cooperation of maritime sports associations, in which training and various open water swimming events are held along the coast.



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