Prices and rates


Price per hour.

Without Electricity = 20 Euro.
With Electricity = 25 Euro.


In Torrevieja, there is the possibility of training on the Beaches, given that it has 6 Beach-Volleyball courts distributed along the coast for training, fun and enjoying nature.

Playa de la Mata, town area, 2 Beach-Volleyball courts.
Playa de la Mata, beach start area, 2 Beach-Volleyball courts
Playa de los Náufragos, 2 Beach-Volleyball courts.

These courts are free and open to the public.






Torrevieja has ideal facilities for Volleyball training and competition. There are a total of three courts, thus making it possible to organise different types of training, as well as categories and groups. These are ideal facilities at the disposal of schools, federations and clubs seeking to achieve competitive training. Along with these luxury facilities, our excellent climate and service offered by our Sports Council will project sportspeople to their maximum capacity.



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