Indoor Swimming Pool

Prices and Schedule


General Entrance = 3 Euros.
Special Entrance = 2 Euros.
General Bono 20 Baths = 40 Euros.
Special Bonus 20 Baths = 20 Euros.


Special groups:

Over 60s and under 16s.
Accredited losses of more than 33%.
Jove Card holders.
Large families.




From 3:15pm to 9:30pm Monday
From 8:15am to 9:30pm Tuesday through Friday
From 8:30am to 1:30pm Saturday and Sunday



Aquatic installation from the year 2000 with 50×21 meters size, homologated and with 8 streets available.

Maximu, depth 2,50m, minimum depth 2,00m

The use of this innovative installation is aimed both individual level and for the concentration of groups of different categories and sports disciplines.

Open from October to June.

Complete the installation 4 changing rooms, warehouse, stands for 400 people and accesses which are perfectly made as accessible for the disable.

Quando la concentrazione di PDE5 è troppo alta, i vasi non possono dilatarsi normalmente, quindi il erezione diventa debole o inesistente. Perché bevono vino rosso e le uve sono piene di nitrati, vitamina C, fibre e altre cose che, in breve, ti aiutano a combattere l’ipertensione e i trigliceridi.



















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